Staff of Student Affairs

The student’s union administers and protects the interest of the entire student’s body. It serves as the bridge between the union and college authorities. Provides a democratic arrangement for the attainment of leadership positions, within its organ membership to the student’s union offices is however optional.

The student’s union offices are however:-
  • The union’s non-refundable subscription fee per year per student is payable to the union during registration.
  • The union expenditures are controlled by its officers on the advice and supervision of the Dean of Students Affairs.
  • The students shall elect their union officials.
  • The Provost and the Dean Students Affairs shall hold consultation with the union officials’ on matters affecting them.
  • The Student Affairs Dean shall be liaison officer between students and the college authority.
  • No student officer should show any act or insubordination either by triggering any form of protest or retire himself from the post unconstitutionally. This offence attracts expulsion from the college. However, any student officer who wishes to relinquish his office can tender a resignation letter at least a month before his official resignation.
  • Only constructive criticisms shall be entertained, such criticisms, which must be duly signed, must bear proper names and addresses of students and should be addressed to the secretary general of the union.
  • The students’ union executives shall be dissolved at the end the tenure of office and their books brought up to date. The college audits the books and advice appropriately.
  • The following post shall be available for contest during election and announced by the Dean of Student Affairs who shall be the returning officer.
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary General
    • Assistant Secretary General
    • Financial Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Chief Auditor
    • PRO
    • Social Welfare Officer
    • Sport Officer