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Environmental health technology incorporates the ND and the HND. The National Diploma in Environmental Health is a non-terminal one as no certificate shall be issued. This is structured to last for two years (four semesters). At the end of the National Diploma, successful students proceed to the Higher National Diploma programme for which trainee will be awarded a Higher National Diploma in Environmental Health, after another four semesters; making a total of 8 semesters for the ND and HND, leading to the award of ND/HND in Environmental Health.

Entry qualification for environmental health technology course include Five (5) credits pass in SSCE or GCE ordinary level at not more than two (2) sittings, the subjects must include; English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Environmental Health Technician (EVT 3 years) The Environmental Health Technicians (EVT) Course is structured to last for three (3) years (six semesters). This incorporates four (4) months of supervised field practical skills, leading to the award of Technician Diploma in Environmental Health

Entry qualification for environmental health technician course include Five (5) passes in SSCE or GCE ordinary level at not more than two (2) sittings, three (3) which must be at Credit level include; English Language, Biology and Chemistry OR Geography. Pass in Physics and Mathematics is accepted.
Environmental health technician assist the environmental health technologist and officer in ensuring sanitary environment in homes, communities and work place.

Environmental Health Assistant (EHA 2 years) The Environmental Health Assistant (EHA) is a two (2) years programme with three (3) semesters of class work and one (1) semester of field work experience, leading to the award of Certificate in Environmental Health.
Entry qualification for environmental health Assistant course include Five (5) passes in SSCE or GCE ordinary level at not more than two (2) sittings, which must include;
English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics
Environmental health Assistant constitutes the lowest cadre of environmental health profession who assist the environmental health technician and technology in ensuring sanitary environment in homes, communities and work place.
The professional practice training programmed is designed to enable the trainees to be exposed to work of the Environmental Health Officers concurrently as he is also being trained in the school to ensure that the lecturers have the opportunity to interact with the student on a regular basis while he is on regular visit to the practice area. The student should be exposed to all specialties and sub-specialties as shown under licensed Environmental Health Officers.

The student is expected to be exposed to the following programmes /experiences:
  • Practicum 1 (ND)
  • Public Health Laboratory Department or Medical Laboratory Department
  • Rural Health Office and Rural Settlement (Temporary Settlement)
  • Waste Management Services
  • Entomology
  • Water Treatment/Water Works
  • Nutrition
  • Food Control
  • Slaughter House
  • Social Welfare and Community Mobilization Department
  • Epidemiology
A candidate must have made a minimum of 75%classroomattendanceand practical/fieldwork in approved training institution.

A candidate must also have passed each of the unit courses at not less than 40% in all the examinations conducted during the training programme.

A candidate who fails the final examination after three attempts shall be withdrawn from the programme.

Evaluation shall be based on course work assessment and terminal examination for each course.

The course work assessment shall make up 30% while the final course examination will be 70% to make up the maximum of 100%.
On successful completion of all courses of the programme, students shall be enrolled for the West Africa Health Examination Board (WAHEB). Success in this examination would form the basis for participation in the certification process and subsequent registration as an Environmental Health Officer by the Council in line with third schedule of Act11 of 2002.
On graduation from training institution, the trainee is granted one year temporary license to enable such a trainee to practice during the internship. On completion of the one year internship, candidate shall sit for the Council’s certification examination. Successful candidates shall be registered to practice as professional Environmental Health Officers in line with Act 11 of 2002.
To be considered for the Council’s certification examination, candidate must have;

a. Been duly indexed by the Council and indexed numbers issued shall become the registration number for the professional examinations

b. Successfully completed the theoretical and practical training for the course.

c. completed and passed all prescribed courses in years 1 to 4 in an institution duly accredited for the training of Environmental Health Officers at the ND and HND levels

d. successfully completed the internship programme under a registered and Licensed Environmental Health Officer in an environmental health or related establishment acceptable to the Council.
A certified and licensed Environmental Health Personnel apart from establishing his own private in any of the sub specialties of environmental health, also has great potential and opportunity to be employed to work in the public sector at all levels with ministries of Health, Environment, Agriculture, Water Resources, Defense (Army, Navy and Air force, Prison services, Custom services, Immigration, Police force, Environmental Protection Agencies, Waste Management Authority, Urban and Regional Planning, Local Government Health Department and Primary Health Care Agencies etc. Private sectors including Oil companies etc.