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Send Forth Ceremony of Retirees

The management and the entire College community has successfully send forth four of her senior officers who retired from active service with NKST Health Services and NKST College of Health Technology, Mkar on the 26th of November, 2016. The occasion took place on Friday, 10th March, 2017 at the College Auditorium by 10am. The occasion was also blessed with invitees from far and near.
The provost in his speech acknowledged and commended the meritorious services of the retirees in their various capacities in moving the college to greater heights. He further recommended them to whosoever may need their professional expertise and also presented certificates of merit, wards and other tokens to the retirees in appreciation to their service to humanity and the college in particular.

The Retirees/Awardees were:

  • 1. Mr. Peter Bur: Served as Deputy Provost
  • 2. Mr. John Saakwen Gbor: Served as Registrar
  • 3. Sr. Rose Kimbur: Served as Coordinator of Family Planning
  • 4. Mr Dennis Avaana Yashi: Served as the Sick Bay Officer

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