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To run Certificates and Diploma Programmes based on: Medical, Moral, Religious and Ethical Values that will produce Qualified and Dynamic Health Care Workers who will successfully perform Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Health Care duties as enshrined in the National Policy on Health.

To ensure the application of Effective and Quantitative Training of Health Care Workers that will Advance the KINGDOM of Christ through Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Health Care system for technological development of the nation.

The NKSTCollege of Health Technology, Mkar is an institution owned by the NKSTChurch(which is translatedUniversal Reformed Christian Church). It was formally established on the 13th January, 1977 by the Sudan United Mission (SUM) as Christian Medical Auxiliary Training School at Mkar. The aimed of operating the school was to reduce the suffering of church members and entire Benue indigenes to attaining middle level qualifications in thefield ofhealth most especially Community Health Assistants and Community Health Aides. The College undergoes series of changes in names and finally re-named as NKST College of Health Technology, Mkar as enshrined in the Nigeria Health Policy for the establishment of the College.
Currently, the College is organized into Nine (9) main Departments with various courses ranging from Certificate Programmes to Higher National Diploma and with Professional Diploma Programmes respectively .

These departments with their year of establishment include:
Departments Year of Establishment
Community Health1977
Pharmacy Technician2003
Health Information Management 2006
Environmental Health Technology2009
Dental Health Technician 2009
Physiotherapy Assistant2014
Prosthetics and Orthotics2015
Nutrition and Dietetics 2016
Remedial Science 2016

Due to the shortage of students in some departments, the Local Board of Governorsof the College in their meeting held in May, 2017 directed the Management of the College to close down three departments till further notice. They are;(a) Prosthetics and Orthotics(b) Nutrition and Dietetics, and (c) Physiotherapy Assistant.

The College has received accreditation and reaccreditation with Health Professional bodies in Nigeria as indicated below:-

1. Community Health Department

a. Community Health Practitioners’ Registration Board of Nigeria (CHPRBN),Abuja 1992
b. National Board for Technical Education - (NBTE), Kaduna 2005

2. Pharmacy Technician Training Department

a. Pharmacists’ Council of Nigeria - (PCN), Abuja 2005

3. Health Information Management Department

a. Health Record Officers Registration Board of Nigeria - (HRORBN),Abuja2010

4. Radiography Technician Department

a. Radiography Registration Board of Nigeria - (RRBN), Abuja

5. Dental Health Technician Department

a. Dental Therapy Registration Board of Nigeria - (DTRBN), Lagos 2015

6. Environmental Health Technology Department

a. West African Health Examination Board - (WAHEB), Lagos 2017
b. Environmental Health Officers Registration Council of Nigeria (EHORECON), Abuja 2002

The College trains students academically and professional using the curricula from the above professional bodies and NBTE. It at the sametime received certificates and licenses from their bodies to enable their graduates practice in the field of Health.


The Leadership Succession of the College include;

Leadership Year
Dr. Martin Reedyk 1977 - 1978
Dr. (Mrs) Hookman 1978 - 1984
Mr. John Saakwen Gbor 1984 - 1988
Mr. Felix T. Igbawua 1988 - 2000
Dental Rev. Stephen Najime Shirsha 2000 - 2015
Elder James Terwase Ihongo 2016 till Date


The College’s highest governing body is the NKST Synod Committee which directs all its policies and plans through the Central Health Management Board to the Local Board of Governors and finally to the Provost of the College who supervises the day to day running of activities with the Management Staff.

Principal Officers of NKSTCHT-MKAR

NKST College of Health Technology, Mkar

Elder James Terwase Ihongo


The Provost, Elder James Terwase Ihongo was born in the year 1970 and a communicant member of the NKST Church. He studied at the following professional and academic institution in Benue state and outside Read More »

NKST College of Health Technology, Mkar

Emmanuel T. Ikpilakaa


Mr. Emmanuel Terlumum is an elegant administrator with great capacity building skills. He holds a diploma and Postgraduate diploma in public administration, a Bachelors in Education. Read More »